Commonly Asked Questions

How do I go about getting a cleaner?

 Please fill in the online form on the Contact Us Tab, which we will then process. You can also send us an email on

[email protected]

or give us a call on the office line: 01732 887 091.

Once your form is processed, we will always give you a call and have a personal conversation with you regarding your requirements and the hours that are required to receive the service you wish.

Is there a Minimum booking:

We have a 2 Hour Min booking to cover  time and  petrol.

What’s included in the Price?

The price includes the cleaners wages and the office admin charge which covers:

How do you Vet your cleaners?

We are a small , local company, so all our cleaners we know personally here in the office. We are very hands especially when providing the training in our office in Sevenoaks.

Below is a list of checks we complete:

At least 5 or more of the below is conducted by Cinderella Dust Busters Ltd

* Telephone interview first to assess suitability.

* Face to face interview – where references and experience are discussed in detail.

* Both written and verbal references are supplied.

* All our cleaners have signed a contract with Cinderella Dust Busters Ltd,  which also confirms that they have never been convicted of a crime or have any criminal proceedings pending.

* All cleaners have a secondary contract signed,  where they agree to all of the key and alarm code security measures.

* Cleaners have to complete full training and health and safety with Cinderella Dust Busters Ltd.

* Next of kin details.

* Identity proof – taken in the form of passport details and/or drivers license.  Where possible we take both forms of ID.

* Utility bills are copied, proving name and address details.

* NI number.

* Car registration details.

What Products do you Supply for the Cleaning?

We use the following preferred house hold products:

Dettol, CIF, Mr Muscle and Flash cleaning products.

We do not use bulk commercial products as many companies water these down and they do not provide a sufficient clean.

Will I have the same cleaner each week ?

Every effort is made to provide you with the same cleaner/s each time but we do reserve the right to substitute people to cover for holidays and absence.

Generally you would have one cleaner, and you will be booked into that cleaners diary which we operate and maintain in the office.

Is there a Contract?

No. There is no contract to sign.  But we do require you to agree to our  Terms and Conditions of service  and  we ask is that if you have booked-in and need to cancel reasonable notice is given (usually 48 hours). The Full fee is payable if you do not cancel in sufficient time, as the cleaners reply on the income for the work they are scheduled in to complete and it would not be fair to them to be cancelled on last minute.

What happens if I am not happy with my cleaner?

We have interviewed and trained all the cleaners ourselves, personally in our office, so all cleans should be meeting the same standards.

If however you are not happy with a cleaner, then we would first encourage you to speak with the cleaner directly as usually it is something that can be fixed rather easily.

Alternatively, we can always arrange a new cleaner for you and hopefully the problem gets resolved.

How do I make Payment?

£ 9.00 is paid direct to your cleaner as cash and our Admin Charge is paid to us by bank standing order weekly.

Payments to the Cleaner:

£9.00 an hour is paid on the day of the clean.

Cash is preferable.

Chq’s can  be left, but blank by the name. This will ensure the cleaner can write their own names correctly.

Cleaners would prefer cash to avoid complications.

Payments to the Cinderella Dust Busters Ltd:

£6.50 weekly or £7.50 fortnightly.

Paid at the end of each clean by Standing Order:


ACCOUNT:          21658352

SORT CODE:        40 40 32

This Office Admin charge covers:

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Cloths and drying towels- color coded by room.


Office Admin and Full Support

Training and Support for the cleaners in our office

FULL ID , Documents & Contract’s for Cleaners.

Can I still receive an Invoice if required?

Yes we can still send you an Invoice via email if required, should you wish to put this through as a Company Expense.

The Company are paying for the cleaning. How do I go about making payments?

We appreciate that company’s may wish to make 1 monthly payment.

Please contact us directly and we can discuss alternative payment methods.

Why is your Admin Charge Higher than other cleaning companies?

Most cleaning companies do not supply cleaning products. We do. We use regular household products with our main Brands being: Dettol, Mr Muscle, CIF and Flash Products.

We do not use distilled and watered down products.   We also supply a fresh set of cleaning cloths for each clean, for each client.  They are color coded by room, which is a service we provide.

In addition, the charge covers the correct Insurance with Gleaming Insurance, along with Full office and admin support. We do not run as an Agency, but offer a personalized service.

We know all our cleaners personally. They are not  just a name or number on our books.