Cleaning Cloths & Cleaning Materials

Cleaning Cloths Used:

All our cleaning cloths are colour coded as below:

* Only 1 set of cloths used per clean. You can feel rest assured that we won’t use a toilet cloth to clean your sink.

* What’s more- we use a FRESH CLEAN set of cloths for each household.

Cloth Colours:


Toilet / Bathroom    Yellow

General Cleaning   Pink,  Green,   All Other colours


Cleaning Materials Used:

* Anti-Bacterial or * Eco Friendly


Anti- Bacterial Cleans:

* We supply and bring All our own General Cleaning Products which include products for Bathrooms and Kitchens and other General Cleaning.

Product Types include:  Dettox, Mr Muscle, Flash and CIF products.

*We will however use your own vacuum & mop for hygiene reasons.

If there are however, any specific products you wish us to use of your own, then we are more than happy to do so. This will include any special and unique products you wished used for Limescale Removal or Mould Removal, granite and Marble Surfaces and Special Wooden Flooring.

Please note that we do not Carry Bleach or any other product that can cause staining in any way.
If you wished your toilets cleaned, then please leave your own Bleach or Preferred Toilet cleaning product next to the toilet- out of children’s reach.

Please ensure that this is in a Non-Spill Bottle as we do not accept any responsibility for any spillage of this nature.

* We only use Well Known and High Quality Names. No Decantering and watering down of products

Eco Friendly Clean:

Our Eco Clean uses Eco and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products.

If you are looking for an Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Household Clean, then this might be what you are looking for since these cleaning products are both kind to you and the environment.

Products are biodegradable with the minimum impact on the environment.

Products are plant based, leaving no chemical residue in your home.

These products are not tested on animals.

These products are kinder and have minimum impact to aquatic sea life.

All these facts contribute to Saving and Preserving our Fragile Environment. Remember, every little bit helps.

Our Cleaning Materials include the following Brands.

* Ecover
* Fresh and Green
* Naturally Range


Ecover products are made without the use of any petrochemicals so these cleaners won’t leave any unnecessary chemical residues in your home.

They are also made with natural and plant based ingredients to provide an optimum level of biodegradability and the minimum impact on aquatic life.

E-cover ethical cleaners are also made in a clean running and ecologically sound plant, built from recycled and recyclable material fabric. The perfect choice for protecting your home and the environment.

Even better still, no animal testing has taken place in the testing of these product

Fresh and Green

This is a unique range of environmentally friendly household cleaning products that are non toxic and safe for domestic use.

They contain no harmful chemicals and are derived from natural plant extracts

They use sustainable agricultural practices to protect our planet.

Naturally Range

This range uses no synthetic colours, phosphates, chlorine bleaches or enzymes.

Where possible, all raw materials are plant-derived and are obtained from renewable sources.