Elite Housekeeping Service

Perfect for Private Households , Estates and Manor Homes:

We provide discreet,  Private Housekeepers,  to assist with the running of your home

Our clients range from  wealthy individuals, to multi-property families,  to well-known figures in the world of entertainment and sports.

Privacy and Discretion will be maintained at all times.

We understand that every client has unique requirements and we aim to offer you the very best in service.

Common Private  Housekeeping Services:


* Laundry

* Ironing

*Bed Linen Changing

* Replace Light Bulbs, Fresh Towels, Toilet Rolls, Air Plug In’s, Filters ect

* Request Repair Services and Maintenance Services as required

* Prepare meetings rooms and guest suits

* Provide Refreshments as required

* Take care of pets by grooming, exercising, and/or feeding them

* Answering telephone calls and doorbells

* Taking in of deliveries

* Purchasing and Taking in of food orders. Unpacking and packing away of foods.

* Running Errands

Security and Confidentiality are of the utmost importance.


At least 5 or more of the below is conducted by Cinderella Dust Busters Ltd

* Telephone interview first to assess suitability.

* Face to face interview – where references and experience are discussed in detail.

* Both written and verbal references are supplied.

* All our cleaners have signed a contract with Cinderella Dust Busters Ltd, which also confirms that they have never been convicted of a crime or have any criminal proceedings pending.

* All cleaners have a secondary contract signed, where they agree to all of the key and alarm code security measures.

* Cleaners have to complete full training and health and safety with Cinderella Dust Busters Ltd.

* Next of kin details.

* Identity proof – taken in the form of passport details and/or drivers licence. Where possible we take both forms of ID.

* Utility bills are copied, proving name and address details.

* NI number

* Car registration details.



Cinderella Dust Busters Ltd