General Or Deep Cleaning

General Clean:

This is a general, light clean including dusting and vacuuming throughout the house.  Weekly clients would benefit from a general clean, as it keeps the house well maintained.

This will include the  well used area’s, such as the kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms etc.  If you have any specific areas that have gathered dust or need a extra scrub, then let us know and we will make this a priority. We remain flexible to your requirements.

A 3 bed roomed house, with one bathroom, would usually take 3 hours – however we are flexible on chores, to fit in line with people’s budget’s.  All cleaning and hours allocated will be discussed, to suit you.

Deep Clean:

This is a deep and much more thorough clean, which takes longer to complete. The rate per hour is the same,  we just need to ensure that we book more hours to ensure a deeper clean . The more hours booked, the deeper we can clean for you and the more we can accomplish.

We can include all the places you might forget.  Dusting of skirting boards, door frames, towel racks, light fittings, shelving, blinds etc. Please ensure that any area’s that require extra attention are mentioned to us, so we can add them to your list of requirements.

A 3 bed roomed house with one bathroom is usually 4-4.5 hours for a deeper clean (time required is negotiable and to be discussed upon booking).

Additional duties can be added to your clean,  at no additional charge.  See Additional Services for examples of other services we provide and can carry out for you.

We aim to be as flexible as possible to fit in line with your personal requirements.

** We always encourage that notes be left for us,  to ensure you receive the clean you wish **